10 Most-Read Articles of 2021: Veterinary Podcasts, Culture Concerns and Hiring Tips

With such a dynamic year, it is unsurprising that the list of most-read articles of 2021 on Practice Life contains a variety of topics that readers found interesting. This list includes everything from self-learning to self-care to efficiency and revenue savers to dealing with 2nd year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many readers found these topics interesting. Read on to see if you do, as well.

  1. Culture is always important in veterinary practices. In 2021, ways to improve it during the pandemic was critical.
  2. Veterinary practices were maxed out in 2021 and sought help managing their appointments.
  3. Podcasts are becoming the preferred mode of learning new things. Unsurprisingly, readers loved the list of the top 5 veterinary podcasts of 2021.
  4. With the crazy times, practice managers wanted help lightening things and bringing some fun back to their practices.
  5. While some practices couldn't take on new clients, those that did wanted to make sure they built long-lasting, loyal client relationships.
  6. Communication tips and strategies are always helpful—especially when dealing with millennial pet owners.
  7. Your staff's role in differentiating your practice became crystal clear in 2021.
  8. With hiring concerns in mind, practice managers sought answers for why vet techs leave and how they can get them to stay
  9. Always wanting to do what's best for their teams, practice managers were interested in how self-care helps them and their team
  10. The link between technology, efficiency and saving money was top-of-mind.

Honorable mention: Hiring was tough in 2021 so readers sought tips for hiring and retaining new employees.


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Christine McManus

Christine joined IDEXX in 2017 and is the editor-in-chief for Practice Life and The Vetiverse, both sites full of relevant, timely articles written by practicing veterinary professionals. In her role, Christine combines her passion for reading with her love of understanding IDEXX customers to identify topics that meet the current moment. Christine has an M.A. from Emerson College in Integrated Marketing Communications. When she isn't working or reading, Christine enjoys exploring the beaches and mountains of Maine and New Hampshire with her two Labrador Retrievers, Paisley and Poppy.

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