How to Increase Dog Owners' Fecal Screening Compliance through Social Media Posts

When it comes to protecting pets, year-round preventives and fecal screenings go hand in hand. But how do you gain pet owner compliance? Education is key. When clients don't understand the why behind veterinary recommendations, they're more likely to turn a blind eye to them.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council recommends fecal screening at least twice a year for adult dogs and at least four times during the first year of a dog's life. Here are three tips to help increase compliance and protect your patients and their families.

1. Educate Pet Owners

Explain the importance of fecal testing in easy-to-understand terms and provide educational materials, such as brochures or handouts, that highlight the risks of parasites and the benefits of early detection. Consider sharing the following posts on your veterinary practice's social media channels.

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Fecal screenings are an important step in protecting your pet. Fecal antigen testing helps us find intestinal parasite infections that other types of testing may miss. Bring a sample to your pet's next visit and ask us about year-round parasite preventives!

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It can take years for signs of parasite infections to appear. Including screening tests during your pet's wellness visit can help detect and treat these parasites before your pet gets ill. Give us a call today to schedule their next screening!

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Dogs can become infected with intestinal parasites through exposure to contaminated soil or feces that contain the eggs or larvae of hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. Bring a sample to your pet's next visit to be tested!

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Diagnostic screening tests can act as an early warning system to uncover health issues before your dog shows signs of illness. Comparing test results from year to year also helps us better understand your dog's individual health needs.

2. Emphasize the Human Health Risks

Educate pet owners about the potential zoonotic transmission of parasites from pets to humans and how fecal screening can help prevent these risks. Detecting infections sooner helps you treat them effectively, reducing the risk of infection to other pets and family members. Here are a few posts you can share on your social channels.

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Let's face it. No one enjoys picking up poop, but did you know that it helps protect your dog and family from potential exposure to parasites? Keep your loved ones safe with year-round preventives and routine screenings!

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Many types of worms can make your dog and human family members sick. Using preventives and testing for exposure at least once yearly helps protect both your dog and your family.

3. Make It Easy and Convenient

Send personalized client-friendly reminders and summaries through your software program. Studies have shown that it takes hearing a message several times before it sinks in. Embrace the repetition mindset, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the increased compliance from pet owners and the number of fecal samples you receive. Another option to consider is providing home collection kits to make it easier for clients to collect and submit samples.

Educating pet owners about the importance of regular fecal screenings, highlighting zoonotic risks, and providing home collection kits can increase compliance and help your clients protect their dogs and families.

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