Fill Your Spring Social Media Calendar With Vector-Borne Disease Education

Spring has sprung, and as a result, so have vector-borne diseases. Positive cases are on the rise across the country: In 2022, more than 1 million dogs in the U.S. were diagnosed with vector-borne diseases. It's more important than ever to educate your clients on the value of year-round preventives and routine screenings and encourage compliance with your recommendations.

When recommending annual screenings, you may eceive some pushback from your clients. Many don't see the benefit of performing annual diagnostic testing on their seemingly healthy pet. Jump-start these conversations on social media by sharing these educational posts on your practice's channels.

  SNAP 4Dx Plus Test. The gold standard. And all that comes with it. Screen for 7 vector-borne pathogens.

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It's the first week of the month—don't forget your pet's tick, heartworm, and flea preventives!

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A single mosquito bite can transmit heartworm to your pet. Ask us how we can help you find out if they've been infected and how to protect them.

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When it comes to protecting your dog, annual blood testing and year-round preventives go hand in hand. Ask us about it at your pet's next wellness visit!

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If you can't pronounce it, your dog doesn't want it. Ticks carry and transmit diseases like ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. Ask us about testing annually for tick-borne diseases!

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Don't forget regular tick checks! If you find any, remove them immediately and give us a call. It's important to protect your pet year-round and test annually for tick-borne diseases.

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Give us a call today to order your pet's preventives! (If your practice has an online pharmacy, include this as an option and the link to order.) 

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It can take years for signs of parasitic infections to appear. Including screening tests during your pet's wellness visit can help prevent illness from these parasites. Give us a call today to schedule their next screening!

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Are your pets up to date on their preventives? Vector-borne diseases, such as those from ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas, are more common during the warmer months so make sure your pet is protected!

Social media is a powerful educational tool. These vector-borne disease posts can help set the stage for continued conversations at your patient's next wellness visit.

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Eliza Porter
Social Media Content Manager

Eliza joined IDEXX in 2022 and oversees the company’s social media channels and content strategy in North America. She enjoys optimizing social media channels, supporting practices with client communications, and educating on the importance of preventive care.


In her free time, Eliza enjoys exploring the Maine coastline and hiking through the mountains with her fiancé, Geoff, and their 7-year-old lab mix, Flynn.

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