Fill Your July Social Media Calendar With These 6 Posts

A new month means it's time to plan new posts for your social media channels. This month, we've created posts that focus on heartworm disease and summer pet safety. Below are six posts to fill your content calendar and tips for how to share them.

Summer means mosquitoes, and infected mosquitoes can lead to heartworm disease. While your clients may have heard of heartworm disease, do they know what puts their pets at risk? Educate them on your social channels.

Heartworms in dogs social media post.

Heartworm-infected pets can now be found across the United States. Do you have statistics on heartworm disease in your county or state? Consider sharing them with your clients to help them understand the risk in your area.

Heartworm disease affects cats, too.

Help your clients understand that heartworm disease is a risk to their cats — even indoor ones! The myth that there is no treatment for heartworm disease in cats may help you make the case for preventives. Sharing information about vector-borne diseases on your social media channels will also help debunk such myths.

Social media post reminder to protect dogs paws in the heat.

Summer fun means outdoor time for pets. But it can also mean burned paw pads. Remind your pet owners to check the surface temperature their dogs are walking on.

Summer safety tips for dogs.

When you share this post, choose a pet safety tip to highlight. Consider customizing it based on questions you've received from clients. Coming up short? Topics to focus on include ways to keep pets hydrated in the summer, how to recognize signs of heatstroke in a pet, and the risks of leaving pets in hot vehicles.

Social media reminder for heartworm preventives on August 1st.

Before the end of the month, start thinking about the beginning of August. For many pet owners, the first of the month means it's time for preventives. Help them keep their pets protected by sharing the reminder above.

Looking for more social media tips? Here are a few ways to grow your social media presence.

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Emma Lishness
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