4 Tips for Using Social Media to Educate Clients About Preventive Care

Educating customers about preventive care and driving compliance with annual diagnostic testing can prove challenging. According to a recent study by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, 75% of clients say they decline medical recommendations because they don't fully understand their value. The good news? Consistent communication can help address these questions and break down the barriers to preventive care.

Social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, are great channels for regular communication. Here are four easy tips on how to use social media to educate customers on preventive care.

Tip #1: Use Your Own Voice

Finding your voice on social media can be tricky. If you're feeling stuck, think about how you'd share information if you were talking with someone face to face. Then, use this same style in your posts. Using a conversational tone when you're sharing medical information can also keep it from feeling like you're lecturing a pet owner. For example, instead of using the phrase "vector-borne disease" with pet owners, talk about ticks, how they can make pets sick, and why it's importance to test pets for exposure.

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Tip #2: Repetition Is Key

Publishing a post on a social media channel doesn't guarantee all your followers will see it. For those who do see your post, chances are they're scrolling on their smartphone and may just take a quick glance. So don't be shy about providing pet owners with multiple reminders to schedule their pet's annual wellness visit.

Tip #3: Stay in Touch

While you may only see pet owners once or twice a year in person, consider your practice's social media channels as your opportunity to stay connected with them throughout the year.

Trying to come up with information to share? Preventive care fits the bill. Reinforce why regular diagnostic testing is important, and help your clients understand how preventive care will help them take better care of their pets.

Tip #4: Find Inspiration

When it comes to social media, you don't need to go it alone. If you're not already, start following other veterinary clinics on social media, and observe how they're communicating with their clients. Notice a certain type of post that's performing well? Take inspiration from it!

With these four social media tips, you're now better equipped to engage your audience online. Don't be afraid to start a conversation to get your patients thinking about what really matters when it comes to preventive care.

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Emma Lishness
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